2017 Summer Program


Casa Grande Elementary School District
June 2017: Summer of Code
Elementary Sessions are June 5-22, Monday-Thursday
Middle School Sessions are June 12-22, Monday-Thursday
8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Breakfast and lunch are provided at no cost

 NEW location:
2172 N. Arizola Rd. 

Casa Grande, AZ 85122

Goal: Our goal for the summer of 2017 is to have 400 students each complete 18 hours of coding!


Lego Robots!
                Students will enjoy projects and activities that will encourage them to explore with Legos by building robots and learning how to code in order to command the robots to move.

Ships Ahoy!
            Join in the fun of being first mate on a pirate ship! Learn and play like a pirate, find buried treasure and maybe even learn the pirate language! (K-1)

Lego Stories
If you can imagine it, you can build it and write about it! Tell your stories through Lego play and create your own animations. Students will create their own stories, build sets and use an animation app on an iPad to see their stories and creations come to life. (K-1)


Wanted – Zookeepers!
            Explore the wild reaches of the globe in this animal-themed camp! Students discover our diverse world and the many different types of animals that live in it while understanding their habitats and what is necessary for their survival. Each lesson focuses on a specific animal, from camels to lobsters and more! (2-3)

Sticky Science
Are you ready to get your hands dirty? Join in the fun of discovery with hands-on science experiments and creations that are sure to peak curiosity and exploration. (2-3)

Brain Builders
Let’s build our brains! Using bricks to enhance learning, students explore communication concepts and teamwork. Lessons include social studies, geography, history, and biology topics and challenge students to build, communicate, and learn together. Brain-bending logic puzzles build on existing skills and develop new problem solving tactics. (2-3)

Watch Out! Drones!
Take time to play as you fly things, make movies and create computer simulations of real-world applications for drones. Explore the concepts of flight dynamics, engineering design, the principles of flight, remote sensing and computer coding with drone discovery.

60 Seconds or Less!
Students channel their inner competitive spirit to complete a set of 60 second challenges that enforce specific STEM principles with each activity while using everyday items to demonstrate their knowledge. (4-5)

Back by popular demand! Students will submerge themselves in the land of Minecraft, completing tasks and collaborating for digital survival! (4-5)

Genetics Lab
Exploring the basics of inheritance, the intricate coding of genes, and the impacts of mutations in DNA transcription illustrates how each form of life is special and distinctive. Students participate in experiential, hands-on activities to apply concepts in tangible ways and gain a more comprehensive view of how these concepts apply to the real world! (6-8)

SNAP! Circuits
          Learning about circuits and creating electric connections is a SNAP in this camp! Students explore topics related to electronics and electricity. Can you imagine creating an electronic current and then documenting it with online coding? If so, this camp is for you! (6-8)

            Create. Design. Imagine. Robots are the future some say. In this camp you can learn all about what makes a robot work and perform tasks. What are you going to program your robot to do?

Mindset Ambassador
Are you interested in being a student leader? Do you want to become a leader of one of the mindsets? Mindset Ambassadors will take part in activities related to the 7 Mindsets and be teacher assistants in the classrooms with students in K-5. (6-8)