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Certified Applications


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If selected for a position, are  you available to work the entire summer program? (Subs are not available during summer programs. The summer session will be June 5-22, 2017, Monday to Thursday, 7:30 AM to 12:30 PM.) 

The summer session this year will offer students more choice. Most students will attend two 90 minute sessions, one of those being a session on computer coding and the other being the enrichment session. Teachers will work in teams, sharing the same 50 kids, 25 in each session. One teacher will teach both sessions of coding and the other will teach both sessions of the enrichment topic. **Coding training will be provided.** No experience needed! 

Which session would you prefer to be selected for?
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If I am not selected to teach an enrichment session, I am willing to teach coding as a third choice. 

Considering the sessions that you would like to be selected for, describe the skills that you possess that would be beneficial to successfully support students. 

Thank you for applying to the 2017 Summer of Code!

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