District Response to A-F Letter Grades

District Response to A-F Letter Grades
Posted on 10/09/2017
District Mission Success for Every One The Responsibility is Yours and Mine

The State Board of Education (SBE) recently voted on and approved cut scores and other criteria that are used to determine school letter grades. Our district has concerns with the inadequacy of the formula. Letter grades are meant to present a clear picture of performance, achievement and quality, however the formula and measures used in this calculation do not have this result. Our response to the state’s release of school letter grades is as follows: 

·        We honor and celebrate the success of McCartney Ranch, as they were the highest performing school in our district. We will learn from their success.

·        Our district has several other schools that continue to show steady progress, and we expect strong results in the years ahead. We believe continuous improvement to be the cornerstone of our achievement.

·        The letter grades we received demonstrate areas of teaching and learning that need attention, and we are up to the challenge. We know we can perform better, and we are committed to improved performance.

·        In analyzing the data taken into account, it is important to remember that this is a different system, and the formula for measurement is not the same as in the past; next year, the measurement is likely to change again. We will continue to adapt.

·        While we recognize the formula for measurement to be more complex, we also understand that our approach must involve teamwork and collaboration with one another. We will work to increase and improve collaboration opportunities.

·        Our administrative team has already begun the work of redefining our role in supporting teaching and learning; not just supervising or managing teachers and schools. We are making changes in our approaches to leadership.

·        Our school and district leaders have begun extensive discourse and professional learning related to academic leadership and improved student outcomes. We are working to hone in on meaningful practices and eliminate tasks that are counterproductive.

·        Each academic director has been charged with spending more time in schools to observe and support student learning because we need to understand the challenges our teachers and students face daily in order to offer authentic assistance. Our paradigm for providing support is changing.

·        As teachers and leaders in our district, our responsibility is to define what is most important in improving student outcomes, and maintain healthy attention there throughout each school year. We must narrow our focus to what matters most.

·        Every day we teach students to work hard, to work well with others, and to pursue their passions with purpose; our schools did not get a letter grade for that. Our focus on Social and Emotional Learning will not waver because we know it is necessary to produce great neighbors and contributing citizens.

·        These letter grades do not define our schools, and they certainly do not take into account the hard work of our teachers, leaders, support staff, students, and families. We acknowledge their strengths and will continue to build upon them.

·        These grades also fail to represent the hopes, goals, and dreams we have for our schools and students. Our expectations will rise and we will continue to dream big!

·        Our best is yet to come!!

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